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About Tech Data World

TDW is a unique blend of neutrality, experience and passion for the discipline of technical data. Be it standards and specification driven or something that is more bespoke and specific to a client need.


At TDW we believe that we should remain 100% independent when advising clients on the best tools, support and guidance that is available to meet individual organization and operational needs. Our neutrality removes hidden agendas

Experience & Passion

We have been supporting clients at all levels for over 25 years. TDW is able to boast clients at government/defence level all the way down and through the information supply chain. At TDW we have developed a unique reputation with our deep domain knowledge around standards and specifications, where they work and where they don’t.<br>

You will not find another organisation that is as passionate about the field of technical communication and data as TDW.  We advise our clients as if we were advising the investment of our own time and money. We support all our clients right up and until they have successfully adopted and implemented a TD strategy.

Innovation in our field

The field of technical communication and tech data as a whole is moving fast. It is vital that we remain both educated and abreast of the developments happening in our field of expertise. At TDW we provide insight, tutorials and guidance around innovative tools and methodologies from production to deployment of technical content assets.